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Today's small business marketing can be difficult. A successful marketing strategy relies on getting your message to your customer and having them read it. Whether, you're email, print or media marketing, it's getting harder and harder to get your message in front of your customer.
The average email campaign results in a read rate of 25%. Which mean 75% of your customers won't even see your message.
Print Advertising has been a mainstream of advertising methods for years. With more and more people looking to the internet, your print ad dollars don't go as far as they could.
Compare traditional advertising results to text messaging read rates of 99%. The average time a customer looks at a new received text message is within 3 minutes. That means 99% of your customers that receive your text message will read the message within 3 minutes of receiving it. Think about it, when you get a text message, do you ignore it or look immediately at it?
Incorporting a texting strategy can greatly increase your open rates and sales. Use text messaging to enhance your marketing strategies by sending links to your product page through texting. Be creative and design specialized landing pages and guide your customers to them using text messaging. Raise your read, not just open rates, click through and sales rates drastically by incorporating a texting strategy into the mix.
FanBlast has the tools and experience to help increase your marketing returns.
Fanblast Messaging key services:


  • Self-Service Portal
  • Surveys
  • Promotions / Groupbuys
  • Message Alerts
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Anonymous Connection
  • Team Messaging
  • Text On-Demand
  • Application Integration


  • (LAT) Live Agent Tranfer
  • (IVR) Interactive Voice Response
  • Surveys
  • Message Alerts
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Anonymous Connection
  • Political Calls
  • Voice On-Demand
  • Application Integration

email & fax

  • Fax Blasting
  • Fax On-Demand
  • Email Messaging
  • Email On-Demand
  • Application Integration

FanBlast is an industry-leading software development and messaging company with multiple certifications. For over 15 years Fanblast has been producing award-winning software for data centers and Fortune 500 companies. Specializing in data security, customer communications, and systems productivity. Our self-service messaging platform is a result of customer need for a powerful yet "easy to use" product for businesses. We have designed a unique text messaging platform that allows businesses all the features of having a shortcode, without the high costs, contracts or sharing of keywords. If you're business needs are more complex and need of full service messaging using text, voice or email, let the experts in messaging at Fanblast help you. We have designed complex messaging solutions for fortune 500 companies and can accommodate your business needs.

Self Service Text Web Application Features:
With "Walk Though" Wizards and helpful templates to jump start your messaging,
FanBlast brings your business to the next level of customer engagement!
We will walk you through, step by step with creating a "one Time" messages blast or set up a "Re-occurring" message that goes out on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule.
Have the replies from your customers get routed to an API from your company that will give them back a personalized offer based on their phone number. Our system will route the reply to a URL you supply and wait for the response and send that response back to the customer.
Using our full suite of enterprise and self-service messaging, and reporting tools, you can track the success of each of your campaigns.
Use our customer search feature to narrow down your list and send to a segmented customer base for specific messages.
Generate promotions that will contain a single winner or have a group of winners based on replies to your promotion. Have the 24 person to reply get a super discount or free item OR have the first 50 replies get the first crack at a limited supply deal, the choice is yours.
Optimize your campaign using robust tools, a simple dashboard, and reports that quantify your campaigns.
Run your own groupon® and living social® type deals using text messaging. Release deals at super discounts only if enough people reserve one. Announce when the groupbuy number has been reached and let eveyone know to get your deal at the groupbuy price.
Stay in touch with your customers and build loyalty with customizable surveys. Send out a questionairre that can give you real insight to your customers and in turn keeps you in their minds.
Set up keywords that your customers can text in and get automated response from your company. Give them a deal-of-the-day by texting in DEAL and receiving your special offers.
Set up a group of possible responses or deals that your customer will receive when they text in your "Randomn Response Keyword".
Whether you want us to run your campaigns or would rather do it yourself, Fanblast is your complete solution.
Messaging questions?
We have the solution!Call Us Now (855)697-2967

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